Boylon GmbH is a 

distrubution company for temperature sensors and –parts based on IEC and DIN standards and a 

R&D company for mechanical and electronical products with an integrated

production facility at "Made In Germany" quality standards.


Boylon GmbH was established 24. Oktober 2011.

November 2013 Dr. Marius Gartner joined as managing director.

December 2013 the company with its warehouse moved to Schwetzingen close to Heidelberg.

May 2014 Boylon GmbH integrated the R&D (Resarch and Development) for mechanical and electronical products.

March 2015 Boylon GmbH integrated the production, first product was the FLUX-Hifi Sonic, a stylus cleaner for vinyl record players.

June 2016 we got R&D orders to develop tools, first product was a machine level.

December 2016 the second product started production, the FLUX-Hifi Vinyl Turbo, a handheld vacuum cleaner for vinyl records.

March 2017 we got new R&D orders for tool development, digital dial indicator and digital micrometer.

March 2018 the third product launched, FLUX-Hifi-Brush, a cleaning brush for vinyls

January 2020, the forth product came out, the FLUX-Hifi Sleeves

April 2022 we moved in our new building in Hassloch.


In our R&D we deal with creative, innovative solutions for your products. As a trading company we supply high quality temperature sensor parts and mechanical parts at best prices.

Furthermore we have a production of electrical and mechanical products in Haßloch.

Boylon GmbH has a clear focus: unique products, satisfied employees and enthusiastic customers. 


bolyon values

    Faster delivery, better service for European customers. Import of Asian products to Europe. Export of European products to Asia. Create value for our customers.

    Clear commitment to social responsibility, e.g. no child labour at our suppliers, decent working conditions with safety regulations.

    We donate 5% of the yearly pre taxed profit to social welfare organisations.

    Environmental responsibility affects our selection of suppliers.

Boylon Customers


    Temperature measuring instruments Manufacturers in Istanbul, Türkei:

  • IFZN

    Institute of Automotive Engineering Nürnberg
    IFZN Institute of Technology Nürnberg

  • Mesel, S.L.

    Mesel, S.L.
    European manufacturer based in Barcelona, Spain:

  • Controtec

    Leading Israeli distributor of environmental and process control equipment for industrial and research applications:

  • TekOn Electronics

    TekOn Electronics
    European manufacturer of digital temperature transmitters, and wireless sensors and systems: