Standard Mineralisolierte Mantelthermoelemente

Boylon offers standard design mineral insulated thermocouples und multiple MI thermocouples.

K, J, E, N, T, S, R


standard and multiple


simplex 2-wire, duplex 4-wire and triplex 6-wire

Outside sheath:

SS304 (1.4301), SS321 (1.4541), SS316 (1.4401),
SS310 (1.4845) und INCONEL 600 (2.4816)

Sheath diameter:

∅ 0,5 mm - 8,0 mm


with extension cable end or connection head

Thermocouples with  extension cable ends:

Type EN1


Sleeve of thermocouple:

Examples of thermocouples with extension cable ends:

  Please specify when ordering:


   Probe length:


   Class rate:


   Sheath diameter:

   Sheath material:

   Extension cable length:

   Insulation material: