Connectors für thermocouples and resistance thermometers

Our hermocouple connectors are suitable for-thermocouple wire.

When thermocouples are frequently changed. for example, relocation of the measuring instruments or the incorporation of different thermocouples is required,  then these wires are connected with hermocouple connectors.

The contacts of the hermocouple connectors are made of thermocouple material to avoid measuring errors due to variations in ambient tempetature. Thus, no new thermocouples could form at the junctions.

The hermocouple connectors are polarized (poka yoke) through the different forms of the pins.

Boylon has different temperatur resistances of the plug (plastic body):

  • Up to 120°C (PS or PA6 30% glass fiber)
  • Up to 220° (PET 30% glass fiber)

The connectors are available in different colours corresponding to the relevant national and international standards.

Boylon sells:

  • Miniature connectors with solid flat contacts
  • Standard connectors with round contacts
  Miniatur connectors up to 120°C (PS) type1
    K5 0071 A
  Miniature connectors up to 120°C (PS) type2