Temperature Sensors


Boylon offers temperature sensors for measurements in Industry and Laboratories:


Mineral insulated (MI) Thermocouples are used as temperature sensors since the 60s, they have many advantages:

Wide temperature range: usually from -200 to +1600 °C
Short response times: especially small sheath thermocouples have very short response times
Smallest bending radius: 5 times the probes diameter
Long using life: compared to straight thermocouples
High mechanical strength, good vibration resistance, high pressure resistance up to max 350MPa
Different types can be produced according to your requirements as simplex 2-wire, duplex 4-wire and triplex 6-wire


Different measuring tips:

Measuring tip type Structure Features  Simplex Duplex

hot junction

  • Longer using life
  • Low electromagnetic interference
  • mostly used type
 1,0- 8,0 mm
 3,0 - 8,0 mm

hot junction


  • Response time quicker
  • not good for background with electromagnetic interference

 0,5-8,0 mm

3,0 - 8,0 mm


Different probe sizes from 0,5 mm to 8,0 mm: